Hemp Cigars are they the Safer Choice?

Over the years we’ve been looking for the safer smoking choice. Now of course a ton of things online/offline are always touting that there are no safer smoke. Well overall no shit, but we’re looking for something that has such low risk of smoking that it may be more dangerous to stand around in traffic breathing car fumes. We know everything is dangerous in todays world, so know that we are not “claiming” anything, so now you know.

BUT, here is what we suggest.

There are a few products out there hemp cigar wise and we’ve tried them. Blunts, wraps, weird palm leaf wraps even rosehip type cigars.

Garbage for the most part, you can NOT call a wrap or blunt with hemp flower in it a cigar. That’s a BLUNT or WRAP not a cigar. A cigar by it’s nature is wrapped by the tobacco leaf isn’t it? Right. So this case a real hemp cigar would be one wrapped in the leaf. So the only one we found out of the several that did do that was a company called Acme Hemp Labs.

You can visit and order cigars here.

You can read a bit about their products here:

We are the creators and the original incorporated business of both Hemp and Marijuana Cigars. Over the years we’ve mastered our craft of creating affordable master pieces that are luxurious and relaxing. Acme Hemp Labs is dedicated to supplying the highest quality CBD hemp cigars (Hegars) as well as CBD, lotions and tinctures. Although we are much more known for our hand rolled hemp cigars. Everything we sell under Acme Hemp Labs meets the federal standard of .3% THC or lower. Many of our Hegar (hemp cigars) have CBD levels reaching 20% and higher. – Acme Hemp Labs

Here is a few images we were given to share:

a smoked frodo hemp cigar an old mini hemp cigars called a magar old images of mini hemp cigars

These are actually some older photos when they first started and they are actually marijuana in these pictures and it was before their new fancy cigar label bands. However they are now available in legal high CBD hemp flower.

Wholesale Hemp Cigars

They also produce enough product to supply many different type of locations including truck stops, smoke shops, some dispensaries as well as other online sellers. If you’re looking for wholesale hemp cigars then you should check them out, scroll down the page and you’ll see where you can enter in your information to become a Colorado hemp wholesaler, in this case let them know we referred you and I do believe they have an offer of helping you with your online marketing as well as price discounts at times. So it’s worth it and you’re helping us as well.

Thank you,

Safe Cigars