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The reason for this website is to explore the new field of smoking that has opened up these last couple years. That market is hemp and more importantly high quality smokeable hemp flower type of hemp, no, not smoking hemp rope. I’m talking about hemp flower that smells and tastes just as good as any marijuana based flower. But without anxious high attached to it. That’s right hemp can get you a specific type relaxation or high called a CBD high. These CBD highs will give you all the pleasure of smoking marijuana without the ill effects that many people try to avoid when they smoke.

So we wanted to tout a few magical companies making a huge difference.

Yes we are an affiliate for this company however we’ve been challenging the niche of marijuana and hemp for years. You may have even met with the team here and Safe Cigars at an event or two in the past. We are constantly putting out research papers and interviews you can find us on YouTube and SoundCloud.

Try Smoking Hemp

If you’d like to change up your smoking products these are the best we’ve been able to get a hold of, no one else comes close honestly. So here it is, the Safe Cigar. Please start making better choices what you put in your body. Get rid of tobacco once and for all and enjoy the riches of high CBD hemp flower.

Safe Cigars

PS: This is the major company we currently work with, like I pointed out before we may be compensated if you decide to purchase through this website.